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Nordic Naturals挪威婴幼儿DHA 全球最顶级鱼肝油119ML , (Nordic Natural 挪威小鱼)
Nordic Naturals挪威婴幼儿DHA 全球最顶级鱼肝油119ML , (Nordic Natural 挪威小鱼)
Nordic Naturals挪威婴幼儿DHA 全球最顶级鱼肝油119ML , (Nordic Natural 挪威小鱼)

Children's DHA -

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儿童 - DHA 脑黄金 - 保健品 - 热销产品
Nordic Naturals挪威婴幼儿DHA 全球最顶级鱼肝油119ML

Kids everywhere love Nordic Naturals strawberry-flavored Children’s DHA. Made entirely from Arctic cod liver oil, these products are rich in the omega-3 DHA. DHA is essential for the proper development of the brain, eyes, and nervous and immune systems.* Easily swallowed or chewed by children over three, Children’s DHA also contains healthy levels of 100% natural vitamins A and D.
  • Supports brain and visual function for children ages 3+ *
  • Available in strawberry-flavored liquid and chewable soft gels

One-half teaspoon daily, with food, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist. Consult physician about consumption method for children 8 months and under.


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Nordic Naturals挪威婴幼儿DHA 全球最顶级鱼肝油119ML


Nordic Naturals挪威婴幼儿DHA 全球最顶级鱼肝油119ML

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Carol  "Great!"
My 5 year old son has always struggled with speech therapy for a few years and he was diagnosed with apraxia and the therapist recommended DHA. 6 weeks after he started taking them there has been a dramatic difference in his speech. He has a lot of work to go but the improvement is definitely showing.

Gloria  "Best for the kids"
My daughter has CP and is physically delayed. After giving him these fish oils he is now more attentive and his speech therapist has definitely seen a difference. I put it in his drink every night and he doesn't taste it. He has now changed so much and his attention is great.

Brianna  "Great replacement for fish"
My kids hate eating fish which is weird because me and my wife eat it all the time. In order to get their right vitamins we have bought them this and this is a great way to get what they need. The strawberry flavor makes it easier on them to take it and it has no fish flavor at all. Not even a hint.


Nordic Naturals挪威婴幼儿DHA 全球最顶级鱼肝油119ML

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Children's DHA - Supports Memory in Children, 4 oz, (Nordic Natural 挪威小鱼)