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Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵 , (Lansinoh)
Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵 , (Lansinoh)
Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵 , (Lansinoh)

Manual Breast Pump -

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婴儿用品 - 母乳喂养 - 药房用品 - 热销产品
Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵

The Lansinoh Manual Pump is perfect for occasional or on-the-go pumping. It features two-phase technology, allowing you to easily switch between stimulation and expression modes for more efficient pumping. Our Pump-Store-Feed solution seamlessly connects our pumps to our mOmma bottles, a time saver that results in less time pumping and cleaning, and more time with your family. 
Product Features:
  • Two-Phase Technology - Stimulation and Expression Modes
  • Standard & large ComfortFit flanges for ideal suction and fit
  • Ergonomic easy-express handle to reduce hand fatigue
  • Convenient and portable for home or away
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Part of the Lansinoh Pump-Store-Feed system
  • Wide-neck bottles compatible with Lansinoh pumps
  • BPA and BPS Free

1. Wash your hands thoroughly 
2. Make sure you have sterilized and carefully assembled your pump exactly as described in the sections "How to Clean and Sterilize Your Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump" and "How to Assemble Your Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump" 
3. Center the pump opening over your nipple and gently press it against your breast ensuring that your nipple is centered in the tunnel of the flange. Press the ComfortFit Flange of the pump firmly against your breast making sure the seal is secure so that no air can escape. You can create a good seal by using your other hand to support yuor breast from underneath 
If your nipple if unable to be centered withing the tunnel of the flange without rubbing, you may need the larger size ComfortFit flange included in the pack. 
4. As your gently push down on the pump handle yuo will feel the suction on your breast. You do not need to depress the handle fully to create suction, only as much as is comfortable. 
5. You can create gentle suction pressure in preparation for expressing by setting the handle in the first (top) notch of the stem. Confirm that your nipple is moving and squeeze and release the handle until you find your preferred pace. 
WARNING: Do not continue pumping for more than five minutes at a time if no results is achieved. Try expressing at another time during the day. 
Please Remember: SHould pumping become very painful or uncomfortable, you should stop using the pump and consult your doctor or breastfeeding advisor.


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Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵


Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵

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Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵

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Lansinoh 舒适快速手动乳房泵

Manual Breast Pump - 1 each, (Lansinoh)